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FAQ about Medicinal Cannabis

  • What is the process to get Medicinal Cannabis?

If you are interested in taking medicinal cannabis, then you will first need to visit your General Practitioner and obtain a referral to see Dr Kosari. Once you have a referral you can then book a consultation to see Dr Kosari. During the consultation Dr Kosari will go through your history and ascertain whether you are eligible for medicinal cannabis. Dr Kosari will explain the potential benefits, various products and dosages available.

The prescription of medicinal cannabis in Australia is restricted by the Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and requires SAS approval, Dr Kosari is an Authorised Prescriber of medicinal cannabis which means the process is fast tracked. If you are eligible, then you will leave your first consultation with a prescription for medicinal cannabis.

  • Where can I get my prescription for Medicinal Cannabis filled?

We have certain pharmacies that we usually send our patients to for their medicinal cannabis prescriptions. These pharmacies have the brands and products we prescribe in stock, therefore you can get our medicinal cannabis product the same day. 

If you would like to take your prescription to your local pharmacy, that is also possible, however if they have not ordered medicinal cannabis, or that specific brand before, then the pharmacy will need to submit the relevant paperwork needed and order in the product. This can take up to two weeks for you to receive your medicinal cannabis product. 

  • How do I take the Medicinal Cannabis?

Dr Kosari currently prescribes either cannabis oil or cannabis whole flower. Cannabis oil is taken orally, the prescribed dose is dropped into your mouth and is ingested. Onset of action can take 60 to 180 minutes with the maximum effects experienced between two and three hours after ingestion. Cannabis whole flower is intended to be taken through an inhaler. 

  • How often do I need appointments?

After your initial consultation, you will need to book a review appointment 10 days after starting the medicinal cannabis so Dr Kosari can assess your progress and response to the medication. You will need regular review appointments for dosage changes and prescription renewals. Frequency of review appointments is dependant on your medical history and your dosage.

  • How much does Medicinal Cannabis cost?

There is a fee for your initial consultation and all review consultations, if you have a valid referral then you will receive a medicare rebate for a portion of each consultation. 

The cost of the medicinal cannabis varies depending on what product you are prescribed and the dosage required. The average price to fill your prescription for medicinal cannabis is $100, however can range from $90 - $250 depending on your required dosage. There is no medical rebate for the medication. 

  • Can I drive while taking Medicinal Cannabis?

If you are prescribed pure CBD oil then you legally CAN drive, however if you are prescribed a CBD/TCH combination then you legally can NOT drive in Australia. 

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