Dr. Ali Kosari


Geriatrician, and General Physician 

Dr Ali Kosari Geriatrician

Dr Kosari is the founder of Eastern Geriatric Associates. He is a Physician consultant and a Geriatrician and has been practicing medicine for more than 15 years.

He is the medical director at Epworth Health-check and a member of Medical Advisory committee.

He has also obtained Clinical Diploma in Pain and Palliative Medicine.

Dr Kosari's major areas of interest include;

  • Dementia assessment, prevention and treatment

  • Falls & Balance assessment, risk factor modification and prevention of falls

  • Management of patients both young and old with chronic pain assessment and management

  • Management of polypharmacy

  • Cognitive impairment assessment and management

  • Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

Dr Kosari currently offers outpatient appointments at Knox Private Hospital, Forest Hill Consulting Suites and Epworth Camberwell. He is affiliated with Western Health Public and also works within Knox Private Hospital, Epworth Richmond and St Vincents this allows him to organise direct admission for insured patients if needed.